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DECEMBER 3, 2003

The Brazilian GP is safe

The Brazilian Grand Prix is no longer under threat, following the decision of Judge Sergio Coimbra Schmidt of the Tribunal de Justica in Sao Paulo, who has overruled a previous decision by Judge Joao Andre de Vicenzo banning the organisers from running the event because it is a waste of public money. Judge Schmidt ruled that there was no justification for the earlier ruling. The case came about last months when public prosecutors challenged the need for the race.

The city government has now told Formula 1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone that the race is not under threat and can go ahead as planned. The city hopes to retain the Grand Prix in 2005 and beyond but has still to negotiate a new contract with Ecclestone. There is expected to be a rival bid for the event from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The question of whether the race is good for Sao Paulo must still be resolved but the local government is confident that it has the evidence necessary to answer any complaints. Either way, the locals say that the case will not get to court before the race is held on October 24 2004.

Sao Paulo invested $7.86 million in the Brazilian GP in 2003, mainly for work to be done at the Interlagos circuit.

The FIA World Motor Sport Council will issue a calendar after its meeting in Monte Carlo on December 12.

Hopefully this will be a definitive list of dates.