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DECEMBER 2, 2003

Meanwhile in court in Indiana...

Stefan Johansson's American Spirit CART team is being wound up following a lawsuit from Motorsports Spares International, Inc. for the non-payment of debts. The case came to court in the Marion County Court, Indianapolis, last week.

American Spirit Team Johansson was started by a group of investors put together by Nick Hunter-Reay although he himself was never a shareholder in the team. He is however now acting on behalf of the secured creditors and will liquidate the team's assets to pay outstanding debts. The team owes a total of $894,000 but the sale of assets will almost certainly cover the money owed.

According to the court records, Johansson left the team on November 14.

Hunter-Reay hopes that despite the problems with American Spirit Team Johansson, his son Ryan will be in Champ Cars again next year although we have heard suggestions that the 22-year-old Floridian is interested in getting into Formula 1 in the future.