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NOVEMBER 28, 2003

Testing times in an Internet world...

The instant nature of the world of information means that nowadays every fast lap in a test is treated as "the next big thing" and impressions are created which may not truly reflect the reality of the situation. Teams have already started to exploit this concept to grab a few headlines or to send messages to their opposition.

The idea that the new McLaren will be the leading challenger when the World Championship begins three months from now is amusing in that we have yet to see any of the other 2004 cars in action. Not to mention the fact that the car was only two-tenths of a second faster than Juan Pablo Montoya in the latest development of the current Williams.

"Is the car quick enough to win a Grand Prix?," said David Coulthard. "We just won't know until we get to Melbourne and see what everyone else can do."

A very reasonable comment.