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NOVEMBER 24, 2003

McLaren rebranding itself

McLaren has announced that it is to change its name, dropping the TAG name from the title. The company will henceforth be known as the McLaren Group. As part of the revamp McLaren International will change its name to become McLaren Racing and TAG Electronics will become McLaren Electronic Systems, similarly the TAG branding will be dropped by the company's marketing division. Tow new businesses are being established: McLaren Applied Technologies and McLaren Heritage. The first will set out to use the automotive development done by the group to generate more income and the latter will look after the old racing machinery which the team owns. The group is currently moving into the new headquarters, formerly known as Paragon although this too is being renamed as the McLaren Technology Centre.

"The TAG name has played such a strong part in our success over the years and that TAG retains its long-term commitment to the Group but McLaren is now such a strong brand in its own right that all of our shareholders believe that the name should be at the forefront of our brand strategy," said Ron Dennis. "We have used this opportunity to modernise some of the company names and to update some of our graphical identity."