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NOVEMBER 23, 2003

Antinucci wins Korea

Eddie Cheever's nephew Richard Antinucci gave Hitech racing a double win in the Fifth International Formula 3 Korea Super Prix at Changwon Raceway. Antinucci won after pole position man Lewis Hamilton collided with Nelson Piquet Jr at the first corner. Hamilton was knocked out of the race but Piquet continued. Later in the race Piquet and Antonucci (team mates!) collided at the hairpin but fortunately there was little damage to Antinucci. Robert Doornbos finished third. This established the order for the second heat and while Antinucci held on to his lead at the start, Piquet dropped behind Doornbos and had to battle for third with James Courtney. There was controversy at the end of the race when the two collided, Courtney emerging ahead. Piquet kept going as well but half a lap later he had a big accident which resulted in a red flag. As a result the finishing order was counted back to before the accident, giving Piquet third.

Courtney finished fourth with his team mateƊTatsuya Kataoka fifth and Poland's Robert Kubica was sixth.