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NOVEMBER 19, 2003

Sauber and Red Bull

There has been talk for some time that Red Bull may be considering a major sponsorship role at Jaguar Racing, as part of its plans to push into the United States soft drinks market. This appears to be an ongoing discussion but that does not mean that the long-term relationship with Sauber, which dates back to 1995, is going to come to an end.

The fact that Sauber is to announce it's new car in the Red Bull Hangar at Salzburg airport in January is an indication that the Austrian drinks company intends to stay with the Swiss team in 2004, even if it is still negotiating with Jaguar Racing.

The hangar, which is 110m long and 77m wide, is to be used to house the fleet of Red Bull old timer airplanes which are used for shows and air events, including the Flying Bulls display team. Eventually it will be opened to the public as a museum.