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NOVEMBER 16, 2003

Lapierre wins Macau

France's Nicolas Lapierre has won the Macau Grand Prix, winning the second heat of the event and taking the overall victory on aggregate. James Courtney, who won the first heat, failed to finish in the second and ended up unclassified. Brazil's Fabio Carbone was second with Japan's Katsuyuki Hiranaka ending up third ahead of Ronnie Quintarelli and Ryan Briscoe, who made up for a poor first heat with a strong run in the second. The top six overall was completed by Japan's Hiroki Yoshimoto.

The race was, as always, a battle for survival and many drivers hit trouble in one or other of the heats. Pierre kaffer, Paolo Montin and Nelson Piquet Jr all made a mess of the first race but did well in the second, finishing fifth, sixth and eighth respectively, while Lewis Hamilton, Richard Antinucci and Robert Kubica who did well in the first race did not figure in the second.

Courtney ended up with the consolation of having set the fastest lap.