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NOVEMBER 12, 2003

New York City comments on F1 rumours

The City of New York refuses to confirm or deny whether or not it is talking to Bernie Ecclestone about hosting a Formula 1 race in the area.

"No announcements have been made, and all discussions with city officials are strictly confidential with any private entities," the New York Sports Commission's Director of Operations Marc Mugnos told "We are unaware of any discussions between the City of New York and any car racing organizations."

The Sports Commissioner Ken Podziba recently told Sports Business Journal that the city was "through various city agencies, working together and exploring various venues around the city."

Podziba would not be drawn on whether he had talked to any racing organizations but it is worth noting that Bernie Ecclestone was recently in New York, ostensibly to catch the final Concorde back to London but, interestingly, his visit came at a time when he had cancelled a trip to India because of other important business commitments.