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NOVEMBER 11, 2003

British government warns about Bahrain visits

The British Embassy in Bahrain has warned of a high threat of terrorist attacks against Western targets in the country and British nationals in Bahrain have been told to "remain vigilant, particularly in public places". The Foreign and Commonwealth Office says that there is now "a high threat from terrorism" and that British nationals should review their security arrangements carefully.

The change in status in Bahrain comes after the bomb last weekend in Riyadh, which killed 17 people in a housing compound in the city. The attack, which left 120 people injured, was similar to an attack in May which killed 35 and was aimed at foreigners working in the region. By attacking foreigners the terrorists hope to damage the Saudi economy and this caused the new warnings to Britons in the region.

The inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled to be held on April 4 next year.