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NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Weber and Nuppeney

Willi Weber and journalist Burkhardt Nuppeney have been at odds for the last 13 years over whether or not Nuppeney should be paid half of Weber's 20% of Michael Schumacher's earnings.

Nuppeney has always claimed that Weber had an agreement with him to share the management of Schumacher, having brought him to the attention of Weber.

Weber has always denied that there was such an arrangement. The battle went legal in 1999 and a court in Stuttgart ruled that Nuppeney had no right to the money. The decision was based on evidence from former racer turned team manager Udo Wagenhauser that Weber had told him that the Nuppeney deal was ended in October 1990 - before Schumacher began to make large sums of money.

According to Nuppeney this is not true and he has now found support for his case from driver Frank Schmickler, who was also present when the alleged conversation took place. Schmickler is backing up Nuppeney's claim that the conversation did not happen. Nuppeney is alleging that Wagenhauser committed perjury.

The case comes to court next week. The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart will be keeping a close eye on the outcome and could take action against Weber if Nuppeney wins.

The money is question is, of course, a colossal sum, given how much money Schumacher had earned during his Formula 1 career.