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NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Nick Heidfeld visits Jordan

Nick Heidfeld was a visitor to the Jordan Grand Prix factory at Silverstone last week, in the hope that he can find an arrangement which will enable him to race in F1 next year. Heidfeld's only hope is with Jordan, Jaguar or Minardi. The Mercedes-Benz protege is out of work following Sauber's decision not to renew his contract in 2004. It is not clear whether or not Mercedes-Benz is committed to supporting Heidfeld but it passed him over in 2002 when it agreed to put Kimi Raikkonen into McLaren alongside David Coulthard.

Heidfeld is only 26 and believes that he has the speed and the talent to win races. He has done well alongside Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Heinz-Harald Frentzen but did not do enough to keep Sauber's interest.

"It would be terrible if I am not in Formula 1 next year," Heidfeld told German journalists. "I believe I am a good driver and I refuse to accept that it is suddenly all over."

Jordan will be happy to sign up Heidfeld but the team needs money for next season.