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NOVEMBER 6, 2003

Toyota engineer named as Angelo Santini

Reports in Italy have named Angelo Santini as the Toyota engineer who was questioned by German police last week in the investigation into alleged industrial espionage. Santini worked at Ferrari from 1995 until the end of February 2002 and then moved to Toyota.

Santini told the Gazzetta di Modena in March that it was true that the Toyota looked a lot like the 2002 Ferrari.

"It looks similar," he said, "but it is different, in order to adapt to the different technical conditions. We, for example, are using different tires. The important thing for me when I joined Toyota was to have the chance to demonstrate my ability and not just make a copy. Even if it seems similar, it is always different: the engine, the mechanical design, the wheels and every little detail of the aerodynamics."

Toyota says that it is cooperating fully with the German authorities in the investigation but says that it sees no reason to worry about the allegations.