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NOVEMBER 5, 2003

Ferrari investigation widens

The investigation into industrial espionage between Toyota and Ferrari has widened with the police in Modena questioning further people in Italy after the recent raid on Toyota's racing headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The Italians have searched the premises and home of the executive in a small engineering business in Modena. It is believed that he was previously involved working in aerodynamic development at Ferrari.

The fact that the Italian authorities believe that more than one person is involved in the espionage would suggest that this is not simply a case of an engineer leaving one team and taking information to another but possibly a rather more sinister arrangement.

It is worth noting that McLaren parted company with an Italian aerodynamicist earlier this year after sensitive information was found on a computer.

The success of Ferrari in recent years has led to a number of young aerodynamicists leaving Maranello and being taken on by other teams.