Another plan for New York?

SportsBusiness Journal in the United States is reporting that New York City officials have once again been exploring the possibility of building an open-wheel racing venue in the city to bring motor sport to the Big Apple.

The article quoted Ken Podziba, Sports Commissioner of the New York saying that "in the past we would get a proposal and we would respond; now the city of New York, through various city agencies, is working together and exploring various venues around the city."

The authorities are believed to have ruled out the possibility of a street race.

Podziba refused to discuss with whom the city has been talking but it is almost certain that Formula One is one of the groups that could host the race. It is also worth noting that Bernie Ecclestone was in New York last week, ostensibly to fly on the last Concorde flight back to Europe.

Bernie Ecclestone has never made any secret of his desire to have a race in New York.

With the construction of a purpose-built facility expensive and difficult in a big city, the only real option would be to have a temporary facility in one of New York's parkland areas, based on the model created so successfully in Melbourne. The sanction fees may be high but there is no doubt that the city would make the money back and such an event would boost New York's international profile.

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