A change at Cosworth Racing

Tony Purnell has spent the last few months having a close look at the way in which Cosworth racing operates and has just announced a shake-up in the management with his Pi Research colleague Tim Routsis being put in as the new managing-director of the engine company. Routsis was formerly managing director of the Pi Group. The company was previously run under a two managing-director structure with Brendon Connor looking after the business side and Nick Hayes running the technical side. Hayes will stay on as technical director while Connor is leaving the company.

"Cosworth Racing is a stronger company today because of Brendan's direction and effort over the last two years," said Purnell. "Many of his initiatives are to be admired and have made the company notably more efficient than it was when he started."

The company is also to have a new head of manufacturing in Dr. Adrian Chambers, formerly of Rolls-Royce aero engines.

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