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OCTOBER 21, 2003

Jordan and Penske in F1

Reports coming out of Brazil suggest that Eddie Jordan is in heavy discussion with US entrepreneur Roger Penske, who is keen to give Brazil's Gil de Ferran a chance of a drive in Formula 1. The rumors we have heard have suggested that Penske might be buying into Jordan Grand Prix but we do not believe these are correct.

De Ferran has been with Penske Racing for four seasons and in that time has won two CART titles and this year crowned his career with victory in the Indianapolis 500. Never a big fan of the ovals, de Ferran decided earlier this year to retire from racing but would still love to have the chance to drive in F1 and it seems has convinced Penske to help him out.

De Ferran was a topline driver in Europe before moving to the United States in 1995 when he was unable to get a break in F1. He is a close friend of David Coulthard and so always keeps in touch with what is going on the F1 scene.

At the age of 35 de Ferran could simply retire but his ambition has always been to make it to F1 and he hopes that will happen, perhaps with Jordan in 2004.