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OCTOBER 18, 2003

Britain back on the World Motor Sport Council

The FIA General Assembly has voted Britain back on to the FIA World Motor Sport Council. John Grant, chairman of the Motor Sports Association, will be the official representative, while Colin Hilton, chief executive officer of the MSA will be his deputy. It is two years since Britain was last represented on the WMSC, despite the fact that the country is the home of much of the motorsport industry.

"Britain is such an important country in the world of motor sport," said Grant. "We have been determined to regain representation on this vitally important world body. I will be looking forward to taking my seat."

Hilton said that getting back onto the council has been one of the MSA's key goals.

"It is very important for us to have a voice in the development of international motor sport for the benefit of our members and the sport in general," he said. "This is a very positive day for the MSA."

The current World Council has a mandate until October 2005 but the death of John Goossens of Belgium left an opening for a new member. Grant takes his place.