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OCTOBER 15, 2003

Jaguar smashes sales records

Jaguar is celebrating its highest-ever sales total in a month with 15,613 cars sold worldwide in the course of September. This is the best result in the 83-year history of Jaguar. Sales were particularly strong in Jaguar's market target in the United States where September sales reached 4,222, up 40% from last year. It was the 14th consecutive month of record sales for Jaguar with the S-Type and X-Type both doing well and the dealers keen to get their hands on the new XJ which was unveiled recently in Paris. Although Jaguar sales in Europe remain weak they are still up 19% although Jaguar's third largest market, Italy, has accounted for sales of only 4,612 cars so far this year.

The company biggest gains are in Asia where sales in Japan jumped 77% to 3,823 and in Australia where sales jumped 125% (although this amounted to only 291 cars).

The message that comes through from figures is that in F1's strongest markets Jaguar is weak but growing - and indication that the F1 program is still needed.