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OCTOBER 12, 2003

Teams unable to stop FIA second hand car rule?

Max Mosley wanted to push through a rule that allowed Formula 1 teams to supply old chassis to other teams. As this would involve a change in the Concorde Agreement (which would require unanimous agreement) it was axed because of opposition from McLaren.

However it is still not certain that the rule will not get through as it is hard to see how the teams will stop the FIA from putting through a sporting regulation that allows teams to trade the intellectual property rights of an old car.

The Concorde Agreement is not specific in this matter and so while a team might not be allowed to sell the car it could sell the rights to the design of the car and circumvent the team's block. This would be a huge boost for young teams wanting to get into the sport but worries the existing teams as it undermines their ability to monopolize on the money in F1.