How the new qualifying system will work

More details are now leaking out about the way in which the new 2004 qualifying procedures will work. It seems that the entire qualifying process will take around 90 minutes, the same length as a televised soccer match and in order to keep up interest the first runs will take place in the order in which the drivers finished the previous race, starting with the winner. The cars will be allowed to run with light fuel. There will then be a short "half time" period after which the final qualifying runs will take place with the slowest drivers in the first session running first in the second session, thus building up to a climax with the fastest drivers battling it out for pole position in the dying minutes of the broadcast.

It is an interesting idea and does not really penalize anyone, although some of the smaller teams are not very happy as they feel that they will be forced to run twice in quick succession, which will affect their chances of improving the cars.

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