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OCTOBER 6, 2003

Satoshi Motoyama to test for Jordan

Japan's Satoshi Motoyama will get his first run in a Formula 1 car on Friday in the two-hour test session which kicks off the Japanese GP weekend. Motoyama will drive for Jordan.

Motoyama is 32 years old and has twice won the Formula Nippon title, with the Le Mans Company in 1998 and in 2001 with Team Impul. He is currently leading this year's series after four wins with Team Impul but in recent events has been overshadowed by his team mate Benoit Treluyer from France.

Motoyama hopes to impress the F1 fraternity with his speed at Suzuka, a track he knows exceptionally well.

It is expected that Japan will have something to cheer about later today when Takuma Sato is confirmed as a BAR-Honda driver for 2004.