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SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Pizzonia to test for Williams again

Antonio Pizzonia is to have a one-off test with BMW Williams in the next few days. The Brazilian was Williams test driver last year and impressed the team enormously but failed to make an impact when he moved to Jaguar Racing to race alongside Mark Webber this year.

Antonio was dumped by Jaguar in August and is still reported to be considering legal action against the team.

The Williams test is unlikely to lead to a full-time job with Williams again but Pizzonia hopes that the test will give him the opportunity to remind the other F1 teams that he is quick, despite what happened at Jaguar Racing.

It is worth noting that Pizzonia's problems at Jaguar were exacerbated by reliability problems and that until scoring a point at Indianapolis, Wilson had been suffering similar trouble since he took over from Pizzonia in the summer.