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SEPTEMBER 25, 2003

Eddie Jordan and reality TV

Back in Montreal in June Eddie Jordan complained during the FIA Press Conference that the questions to the team owners were "moving out of sport and into drama TV" and complained that "it's not helpful" but it seems that EJ has changed his mind on that is now talking about involving his team in a reality TV show to help his team find a driver who might get a chance to race for Jordan Grand Prix in 2007 - if the team is still around by then.

The concept appears to have been inspired by the talent contests which are regularly on TV in Britain which allow the general public to vote for their favourites. The shows are funded by the costs incurred by viewers when they make their callls to register a vote. If the programme idea goes ahead the winner of the competition would then go through a process of moving up the ladder towards F1. It is doubtful that the money generated by such a show would be enough to fund much of an F1 budget but at the moment every little helps.