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SEPTEMBER 20, 2003

Suzuka loses MotoGP

The sudden hike in hotel prices at Suzuka may be due to the fact that the circuit has just lost its second biggest event of the year, with the news that the Moto GP series will not be returning. The track was dropped because safety improvements at the circuit cannot be completed in time for the race that had been scheduled for April 4 next year. The need for improvement resulted from the accident which claimed the life of Honda rider Daijiro Kato earlier this year. The Japanese GP willnow be switched to Twin Ring Motegi in September and the Pacific GP which was held at Motegi will now be dropped from the calendar.

Suzuka should return to the calendar in 2005 but only if major safety work is completed.

It seems however that the locals want to take advantage of F1 because they are losing income from the Moto GP crowd...