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SEPTEMBER 19, 2003

Formula BMW launches in the UK

Next year will see the introduction of Formula BMW to the United Kingdom. Designed as a launch-pad for the next generation of Grand Prix drivers, Formula BMW features mini-F1 cars complete with wings and slick racing tires powered by a 140 bhp engine. Formula BMW championships have already been successful in Germany and the Far East.

The new series will feature a total of 20 races over 10 race weekends. All will be held conjunction with the British Touring Car Championship.

BMW UK is currently seeking special dispensation from the Motor Sports Association, the governing body of motor sport in UK, for 15-year-olds to compete in a British single-seater championship for the first time in UK motor sport history.

The company is also planning to sponsor five selected under-18s with $56,000 scholarships after an evaluation session at the Formula BMW Racing Centre at Valencia in Spain.