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SEPTEMBER 18, 2003

A deal is close for Ralf

Ralf Schumacher and the BMW Williams team have been negotiating quietly in recently months over a contract to extend Ralf's contract by another two years. The current contract runs out at the end of 2004. It is believed that the reason for the early negotiation is that Williams has wanted to cut Ralf's salary but that as a compromise has agreed to extend it. It is believed that as part of the deal Ralf will have less public relations work to do and will have the right to more personal sponsorship, in order to bump up his earnings once again.

All sides are now saying that a new deal is close once the final details are sorted out.

Schumacher intends to be back in action in Indianapolis having missed the Italian GP because of headaches resulting from his recent testing accident at Monza.

What is significant is that there are no stories of Juan Pablo Montoya negotiating a new deal with Williams. He is thought certain to go to McLaren in 2005 and might even go in 2004 if a deal can be agreed between the parties involved.