Tobacco campaigners attack F1 bosses

ASH, the anti-smoking group in Britain, has launched a less than charitable attack on the Formula 1 authorities because of the recent arguments over the Canadian Grand Prix.

"Formula 1's grubby rulers are clearly determined to see tobacco money continue to flow into their sport," said Deborah Arnott, Director of ASH. "'Glamour' advertising of this kind encourages young people in particular to smoke, and smoking kills. Apparently the FIA could not care less about the misery the tobacco industry causes to millions all over the world. We applaud the Canadian Government's resistance to the FIA's crude blackmail attempts. We urge all countries, particularly those being pressurized into hosting Formula One races, to ensure that tobacco money is kept out of the sport and that effective advertising bans are put in place as soon as possible. Under global and regional agreements, tobacco sponsorship is being phased out and it is therefore in the interests of all sports to sever their ties with the tobacco barons at the earliest opportunity."

Unfortunately for ASH the cancellation really has got nothing to do with the FIA as the decision was taken by Formula One Management after consultation with the Formula 1 teams. The FIA has tried to get teams to agree to a tobacco ban in motorsport in 2006 but was recently forced to alter this into a recommendation.

No doubt Arnott will be apologizing to the FIA shortly...

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