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Canadian racing to be devastated by loss of F1

Canadian teams and drivers held a press conference in Montreal earlier this week to explain to the Canadian authorities and the public that the loss of the Canadian Grand Prix will have a devastating effect on racing in the country.

"The loss of the Canadian Grand Prix is without a doubt the worst thing that can happen to Canadian formula racing and to Canadian race car drivers," said Eric Berman, General Manager of the Canadian Formula Ford Championship, a series that served as a training ground for Paul Tracy, the late Greg Moore and Alex Tagliani.

"Young Canadian racers depend on being able to participate in support events at premium races like the Canadian Grand Prix to sell their sponsorship packages," Berman said. "The fact of the matter is, without this particular event, many of this country's brightest racing talents will be unable to secure adequate funding to race next year and into the future. The loss of the Canadian Grand Prix will devastate formula racing in Canada."

"We're here to urge the government to do what they must to keep the Grand Prix in Montreal, and save racing - for the sake of the sport we have built up so successfully for decades. A compromise must be possible between the federal and provincial governments and Formula 1 Management. We urge our elected officials to negotiate in the best interests of all Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians."