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In the footsteps of Danny Sullivan

Back in the 1980s former F1 driver Danny Sullivan tried his hand at the cinema and appeared in various TV shows, including Miami Vice. Now it seems Eddie Irvine wants to follow in Sullivan's footsteps.

The former Ferrari driver has spent the last couple of months in Prague filming for a romantic comedy called "The Prince and Me" which will be released by Paramount Pictures in March next year.

The film is a romantic comedy which is being directed by Martha Coolidge, who has been producing teen comedies for the last 20 years, including Valley Girl, National Lampoon's Joy of Sex, Real Genius, Rambling Rose and Lost in Yonkers. The Prince and Me stars Julia Stiles, Luke Mably, Miranda Richardson and James Fox and is the story of a pre-med student in Indiana who falls in love with a Danish Prince who refuses to follow family traditions and has gone to the US to be educated. Irvine plays the prince's best friend.

"To be honest I don't think that one day I will reach F1 level in the movie business," Irvine admitted.

There have been suggestions that given his playboy status Irvine might be better suited to making films of a different nature, a career which one Swedish racing driver is reputed to have gone into after leaving the F1 circus back in the 1970s.