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Another date confirmed!

There was a time when the FIA issued the Formula 1 World Championship calendar but nowadays it seems that happens so late in the day that many circuits feel the need to tell the world about arrangements before they are made official. In recent months we have announcements from a number of tracks about the date of next year's races and now Bahrain has joined the throng with circuit general manager Hans Giest revealing that the race will be held on April 4. This will make Bahrain the third event of the year after Australia and Malaysia and will push Brazil's date back into the middle of April. This will mean that although the weather will be slightly cooler than normal in Sao Paulo, there will be less chance of rain, a feature at Brazilian Grands Prix for many years.

It also means that the start of the European season will be pushed back to May 9 when either Spain or San Marino will take place. The problem is that Monaco will then take place on May 23 before the F1 circus heads off to the United States for the Indianapolis race in June 6. Either Spain or Imola will have to go to late June before the traditional France-Britain combination at the start of July.

Geist says that the deadlines for finishing the construction of the Bahrain International Circuit are tight with asphalting due to start in October and be finished by December.