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The question of F1 testing

The Formula 1 team bosses are currently locked in a discussion over how much testing should be allowed next year. This year has been odd in that the teams have been divided between those who test as much as they like (within the agreed limits) and those who have chosen to reduce their testing and do an extra two hours of running on Friday mornings at each Grand Prix. Everyone agrees that this is not the best solution and thaty it would be better if everyone was allowed the same amount of running but the argument now centres on how much running this should be.

According to our sources all but one of the teams are agreed that next year it would be wise to have only two days of official activities at Grands Prix but that Fridays will be given over to four or five hours of testing sessions to amuse spectators. The danger of this is that the level of media coverage will drop off considerably if there is no perceived purpose in activity of Friday.

In addition to this there would be something in the region of 20-30 car-days of testing (ie a maximum of 30 days with one car, 15 days with two cars or 10 days with three cars).

This will not happen unless everyone is in agreement and we hear that the opposition to the plan comes from Ferrari which likes the advantage it gains from having its own test tracks at Fiorano and Mugello, which provide cheap testing for the team whenever it needs to run cars.