Heidfeld and Ferrari?

Nick Heidfeld, European GP 2003

Nick Heidfeld, European GP 2003 

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There are rumors in France that Nick Heidfeld could find a job next year as the second test driver at Ferrari, replacing Felipe Massa who is expected to take the second seat at Sauber, alongside Giancarlo Fisichella next year. This is a nice idea but appears to have overlooked the fact that Heidfeld is under contract next year to Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari's big rival in the World Championship. It is highly unlikely that Mercedes-Benz will allow Heidfeld to move to Ferrari unless it feels that the Italian will gain nothing from his presence. From Ferrari's point of view there is also the fear that Heidfeld has always been a Mercedes-Benz man and might simply move to Ferrari to collect information which could go back to Mercedes in the longer term... While such notions seem rather far-fetched, there is a certain paranoia that exists between the top teams which means that a Heidfeld to Ferrari move is not very likely.

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