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AUGUST 22, 2003

Ford and the GPWC

Our spies tell us that the Ford Motor Company has been working for some on a deal that would see Cosworth Racing supplying all customer F1 teams with engines in the future. This would mean that Cosworth is able to maintain its current level of staff and the GPWC would have engines for all the teams, without each manufacturer having to split their effort or pay the kind of money needed to supply engines to second teams. It is thought that instead the manufacturers would subsidise Cosworth's engines to ensure that the customer teams will not have to pay any more than $10m. This will only happen however if a deal is struck between the Formula One Group and the GPWC or if the GPWC goes ahead on its own. At the moment there are no signs that any deal is on the cards despite some suggestions from GPWC members that they hope to have a solution by October.