Coulthard and McLaren

David Coulthard, German GP 2003

David Coulthard, German GP 2003 

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It is anticipated that there may be an announcement this weekend that David Coulthard will stay with McLaren for one more season. It is thought likely that after that he will be replaced at McLaren by Juan Pablo Montoya but this is yet to be confirmed. It is interesting to note that McLaren felt the need to extend Coulthard's option for a month at the German GP three weeks ago despite rumors that Montoya's deal was done at Silverstone but it may be that the team did not want to do a deal with Coulthard until all the paperwork is sorted out with Montoya. There is still the possibility that there is no deal with Montoya but this seems increasingly unlikely and while no-one has confirmed the deal it is fair to say that no-one has made any definitive denial of the story either.

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