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AUGUST 7, 2003

The Ralf Schumacher Appeal

An appeal against the FIA Stewards' decision in Hockenheim has been lodged at the FIA by the Britain's Motor Sport Association, acting on behalf of the BMW WilliamsF1 Team. That appeal will be heard in Paris on August 19, two days before the Hungarian Grand Prix and if Schumacher loses the appeal he will have to start the race in Budapest 10 places down the grid from where he qualifies. It will mean that the German has virtually no hope of winning the race as overtaking is notoriously difficult on the Budapest circuit. The decision of the FIA International Court of Appeal will be made on August 20. The court has been revamped in recent months under the guidance of FIA Foundation general-secretary David Ward in an effort to increase the credibility of the process and this will be the first major decision of the restructured court.