Drivers should drop salaries, says Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone, Austrian GP 2003

Bernie Ecclestone, Austrian GP 2003 

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Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says that drivers need to work harder to give the crowds more of a show and that drivers who do not wave to the crowd during the drivers' parade should be fined.

"We have to stop taking and start to give back to the public," said Ecclestone. "Look at the people who sat in the grandstand in 95-degree heat. All they had to look at from F1 on the Sunday morning before the race was the drivers' parade. Twenty idiots on the truck chatting among themselves and not even acknowledging the crowd. They didn't bother to wave or anything. Well, if they don't in future, maybe we will have to fine them."

Ecclestone went on to suggest that the salary structure of F1 should be changed to encourage drivers to fight more for World Championship points. Teams traditionally pay drivers a retainer but Ecclestone thinks that a bonus scheme is a much better idea.

"Perhaps we should be talking about drivers getting paid by results," he said. "It is impossible to force the teams to do it but we should think about paying the drivers when they get points and not just hand out big salaries. Maybe instead of paying Schumacher $28m or more, they should pay him $8m whenever he wins."

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