Now we wait for Gascoyne...

Cristiano da Matta, Olivier Panis, German GP 2003

Cristiano da Matta, Olivier Panis, German GP 2003 

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It was no surprise when earlier today Panasonic Toyota Racing announced that it will be keeping the same two drivers in 2004. Both men have solid two-year contracts with the team and the timing is good for Toyota as the announcement comes two days after the pair finished fifth and sixth at the German GP, the team's best ever result. The team has improved considerably in recent months but we continue to hear that there will be a change of technical staff as soon as negotiations can be completed between Toyota and Renault over the future of Renault's technical director Mike Gascoyne. Gascoyne will be unable to join Toyota until six months after whatever agreement is reached. Renault is keen to delay his departure as long as possible but it is unlikely that the stalling can go on long enough to stop Gascoyne being in a position to lead the design team of the 2005 Toyota.

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