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AUGUST 1, 2003

Villeneuve starts talks with BAR

David Richards was supposed to be on holiday last week in the south of France but for one day he snuck away and went to Monaco where he and Jacques Villeneuve went out on Jacques boat and began talks to see whether or not the former World Champion will stay on next year at BAR as team mate to Jenson Button. Villeneuve has been with the team since the start but things have not gone well although Jacques has earned something like $70m from the team during that period.

"We are heavily into discussions," said Villeneuve at Hockenheim. "I don't want to say anything more. There is no plan not to be in F1 next year."

Villeneuve may well stay with BAR next season but it is certain that he will not be earning anything like the $20m he is making this year. The most likely deal is a small retainer and a big bonus scheme.