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JULY 28, 2003

MP calls for Silverstone deal

Clare Ward, the Labour Member of Parliament for Watford, has warned motor racing bosses that a solution needs to be found for the British Grand Prix crisis. Writing in The Guardian, Ward said that "it is about time that they worked out a solution that protects the race while recognising that there is at least one party out of this bunch who is making a huge amount of money and therefore can't expect the non-profit-making BRDC to stump up or sacrifice a similar proportion of its income. Nor can they expect, in my view, too much money from the government. Yes, the government does derive income from the motor-sport industry and the local economy benefits to the tune of several million from holding the Grand Prix at Silverstone. I hope the government can provide some help in the form of an investment to keep the Grand Prix as one of the gems of British sport, but I would be very concerned if millions were being ploughed into a sport where clearly somebody or some party is creaming off a large profit."