A Formula 1 team for China?

A Formula 1 team has been started in China but enthusiasm and money is not going to be enough to challenge the best and brightest in the sport. The aim of the Shangsai FRD Grandtour Tyre team is to link Chinese racing to the F1 community and help young Chinese drivers develop - but the task is a mighty one and the costs involved are enormous, unless the Chinese take the sensible decision to buy an existing operation and then gradually introduce Chinese staff, having learned the ropes from those involved. There are a long list of new teams which though they had the money and the answers and ended up with dents in their pockets and egg on their faces.

However a Chinese team is a good idea for the sport as it will create much bigger interest in F1 in China. Unfortunately if it is not successful that interest may wane quickly. In the past the best course of action has been seen to be developing a good driver and then trying bigger schemes in the longer term.

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