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JULY 23, 2003

The FIA issues safety edict

The FIA has written to all Formula 1 race organizers asking them to ensure that it is impossible for there to be a repeat of what happened at Silverstone when a deranged priest ran on to the racing circuit while the Grand Prix was taking place. Fortunately he was not hit by any of the cars. It seems that most of the teams saw what was happening on television and warned the drivers by radio that there was a person on the track but it was still a highly dangerous situation which could have been avoided with better security. It is not entirely clear how the protester was able to get on to the circuit but it seems that he scaled a wire fence. If this is the case there are serious questions about why he was not seen and prevented from doing this. There are a number of investigations going on into what happened and it is likely that a report will eventually go before the FIA World Motor Sport Council on the incident.