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JULY 19, 2003

Wurz and Jaguar

The latest word in Formula 1 circles is that McLaren test driver Alexander Wurz will be moving to Jaguar Racing next year, with backing from the Austrian investment company Superfund. It is not clear at the moment whether a contract has actually been signed, but our sources say that a deal which will see Wurz returning to racing is close. If the deal is confirmed it is bad news for Justin Wilson, who has been tipped as a possible Jaguar driver. Wilson's name has also been linked to British American Racing but team boss David Richards says these stories are wide of the mark.

"I have not talked to Justin nor to his manager Jonathan Palmer," said Richards. "In fact I have not had any serious discussions with any drivers about next year because, as I have said all year, I am not planning to talk to anyone until the end of July. I don't know where these stories come from."