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JULY 12, 2003

Drumming up interest in Jacques Villeneuve

Many of the Formula 1 teams have said that driver negotiations for next year would not begin until the British Grand Prix and so talk is beginning to ramp up now as the Silverstone events draws closer. Most of the top jobs are decided already and although Bernie Ecclestone has been quoted as saying that it is time for David Coulthard to move on from McLaren it is anticipated that the Scotsman will stay for another year. The man who is really in need of a drive is Jacques Villeneuve but there seems to be little interest in the Canadian at the moment. Villeneuve's manager Craig Pollock is currently trying to create some interest in Jacques but after five highly-paid seasons at BAR Villeneuve's star has waned. BAR wanted Villeneuve to take a cut in pay this year and the situation created a lot of bad feeling and while he could be re-signed for the team next year it is unlikely as BAR is not interested in spending even a third of the money that was spent on Villeneuve this year. It is likely that the best Villeneuve can hope for is a small salary and performance bonuses.