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JULY 9, 2003

Could Indianapolis move to a date in June?

The 2004 United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could be run on June 20 with the Canadian GP taking place on June 6, according to the well-connected US journalist Robin Miller on

This would mean that the race at Indianapolis would take place just three weeks after the Indianapolis 500 on May 30. This would create some practical problems but would also create some advantages. The suggestion that the race might move to the end of the season is attractive as it could then be the World Championship decider but there are worries about what the weather would be like in Indianapolis at the end of October.

The biggest problem would be switching the Speedway from Indianapolis 500 specification to F1 spec and back again for the NASCAR Brickyard 400 in August. There are also fears that holding the races too close together might reduce the crowd although it could increase interest.