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JULY 8, 2003

Coulthard warns of dangers of F1

David Coulthard, one of the representatives of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, says that Formula 1 should not brush safety issues under the carpet. Speaking in Magny-Cours about his recent incident with Fernando Alonso, when the Spaniard slowed suddenly in front of him and Coulthard had to serve to avoid him, David said that: "It could have been a much more severe accident. I was that close to going over the back of his car."

Coulthard said that despite all the safety work which has been done in F1 there will be more deaths in the future.

"As sure as we are all sitting here, there will be a fatality in motor sport at some time in the future," he said. "Let's hope it's not any time soon and that it never happens. But it's a dangerous business and you can't just brush these things under the carpet."

Alonso denies giving Coulthard a brake test.