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JUNE 29, 2003

Cosworth and General Motors

The word from America is that the recent test of the Cosworth-designed Indy Racing League engine resulted in times which were five miles an hour faster than the existing Chevrolet unit, and we hear that a deal has been agreed between the two parties for the Cosworth engines to be badged Chevrolet and run later this year by the six cars which are contracted to Chevrolet. The deal will involve the supply of around 50 engines this year and will help Cosworth both financially and in keeping all its current employees with enough work. The company has been facing cutbacks as there are only limited rebuilds these days in CART and in Formula 1.

We have also heard stories that Cosworth is offering a deal to Formula 1 that it will supply all the teams which need customer engines if the other manufacturers will agree to kick in around $9m as a subsidy. This would be cheaper than manufacturers having to pay to produce customer engines of their own. The only problem with the proposal is that there do not look like being very many teams needing engines next year. Jordan is expected to end up using Mercedes-Benz engines and Sauber is likely to stay with Ferrari, despite the recent spate of engine failures.