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JUNE 26, 2003

Formula 1 and Cancun

There were whispers of Mexican interest in Formula 1 a few weeks ago when a small delegation from Cancun turned up at the Spanish Grand Prix to have a look at the Barcelona facility and find out a little about what it takes to hold a Grand Prix. It is understood that they had a meeting with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Now the Cancun Convention & Visitor Bureau has slipped out the information that "construction is expected to begin this year on a world-class racetrack for Formula 1 and Indy racing in Cancun" and promises to supply more details of "the Autodromo" at some point in the future.

Cancun is looking at ways of boosting its tourism revenues in the wake of the cutbacks in flying after the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 and appears to have concluded that it needs to appeal to a worldwide audience rather than concentrate on the United States as was previously the case.