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JUNE 18, 2003

Ecclestone attacks Silverstone (again)

Bernie Ecclestone has once again launched an attack on the British Grand Prix, saying that the race does not have to happen. Ecclestone told the REUTERS newsagency that despite all the recent road improvements the race is still "embarrassing". The F1 boss also confirmed that Turkey and Russia have races in the pipeline.

"It's embarrassing for me when somebody wants a new circuit and they say 'We're coming to England to look at Silverstone,"' he said. "I say 'Don't do that whatever you do'. If you want to come and look at what we don't want, go up to Silverstone and have a look'."

Ecclestone, who is investing to improve Silverstone in a deal with the British Racing Drivers' Club and with Octagon, says that the money put in has been wasted.

"The Octagon people let the BRDC manage the money and the BRDC spent two-thirds of the money on doing good things for them and their members and nothing for Octagon and nothing for us."

Ecclestone is frustrated that the BRDC announced ambitious plans which have not happened and said that he warned the club at the time that it would not have enough money to do it all. Ecclestone complained that all the club has done was "build a car park".

Ecclestone said that he still wants to go to Moscow, although the major bid for a Russian GP at the moment appears to be from St Petersburg.