Jordan goes to court

Eddie Jordan began his legal action against Vodafone in court in London, claiming $252m for a sponsorship deal which he says was agreed. Vodafone decided to sponsor Ferrari instead. Jordan claims that Vodafone pulled out of a three-year deal which was agreed. The claim centers on a conversation between Jordan and Vodafone's global branding director David Haines. Jordan claims that Haines said "You've got a deal".

In order to win the case Jordan will need to prove that the words were actually spoken and must also prove that this constituted a contract between Jordan and Vodafone. The case rests on the fact that the telephone call was listened to by Ian Phillips who noted down the words in a notebook.

Vodafone says that it was simply negotiating with Jordan while also talking to McLaren, Benetton, Ferrari and Toyota. The case is expected to last for at least three weeks and there is a danger that if Jordan loses he could face a hefty legal bill.

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