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JUNE 13, 2003

Minardi to block change

The European Minardi team has announced that it will withdraw its support for the proposed changes to the 2003 Formula 1 technical regulations and approval for the new rules due in 2004. Team boss Paul Stoddart says that the failure of the manufacturer-backed F1 teams "to move forward with their undertakings either for the establishment of a "fighting fund" to assist the smaller independent F1 teams or for the supply of $10m customer engines".

Stoddart said that he had been forced to reconsider his consent to the Formula 1 Commission vote because of this.

"On reflection I was perhaps too eager to please people who, it seems, have actually been working to try to make it difficult for Minardi to continue. On reading the proposed changes in detail and taking into consideration the cost implications for Minardi I had no choice but to withdraw my consent."

Stoddart says that he hopes that European Minardi and Jordan Grand Prix will be paid as was agreed on January 15 and that the GPWC agree to honour its commitment to the independent teams on engine supply.